In every home, there are different cleaning needs and tasks to do. How often you clean depends on your schedule, the number of people that live in your household, whether or not you have pets, etc.
Every home’s need is different but there are usually some simple suggestions that apply more or less universally.

Here are some suggestions on what to clean daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly in your home.

Daily cleaning:
There are some things we usually clean every day like washing the dishes, taking out the trash, or making the bed. Others we overlook like cleaning the kitchen sink and counters, cleaning the bathroom sink, the kitchen table, and some light tidying up around the house. It is much more helpful if you do small tasks daily to keep the house organized than to do the cleaning when it all piles up. So, keep an eye on the small things you can do every day.

Weekly cleaning:
At least once a week it is good to make some more thorough cleaning. You can have a cleaning lady come to your house once a week or biweekly. That way you can have someone do the heavy lifting for you while you maintain your home with small tasks during the rest of the week.
Tasks such as vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and wiping the surfaces, sanitizing the bathroom, showers, and bathtub all belong to your weekly cleaning schedule. Also cleaning mirrors, checking your fridge for expired products, and changing your bedsheets. You should also wash the bathroom towels after using them about 3 times.

Monthly cleaning:
At least once a month you should check your cleaning supplies, clean the vacuum cleaner, refill your stocks of soap and detergents, wash the dishwasher, check your washing machine, dust the window blinds, clean the mattresses. Also, it’s good to wash the inside of your trash bins.

Every 6 months:
Make sure to give your fridge and oven a deep clean every six months, wash the pillows, make a deep clean of the house including windows, underneath and behind furniture, declutter the house, change the lightbulbs, give an extra scrub to your bathroom, deep clean the sofa and the carpets.

Yearly cleaning:
Make sure to make a deep clean of the house every couple of months. At least once a year wash all curtains and carpets, move around the furniture to clean any dust behind and underneath, clean the fireplace if you have one, do maintenance around the house, check if everything is working, deep clean all the windows, organize and check your kitchen for expired products, herbs, and spices, etc.

The cleanliness of your house is a very important factor for your well-being. If you follow these simple steps and suggestions you can make sure that everything is always organized, clean, and up to date around your house which can greatly improve your quality of life. Having a cleaning lady help you with your cleaning tasks can be of great help, especially if you have a busy schedule. Whether weekly, biweekly, monthly, or every few months for a deep clean we are happy to assist you with the cleaning of your home!