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Important Information about our Covid Measures!

Please, do not book a cleaning in case you have tested positive for Covid, are in quarantine, have had contact with a confirmed Covid case or have had any Covid symptoms (fever, high temperature, cough, etc) in the last 14 days! You are obliged to inform us if in the days before your booked cleaning you have any symptoms or doubts of having Covid infection!

Your health and the health of our staff are important to us. 
We kindly ask you to wear a face mask if you are present during your cleaning appointment and keep a distance of min. 1 meter.
Make sure to open the windows of the space that needs to be cleaned for at least 10 minutes before the cleaning appointment.

If you fail to uphold any of our Covid measures we keep our right to terminate the cleaning appointment at any time.

cleaning services

regular or one-time cleaning

We offer you the optimal cleaning specific to your needs!

from €18 / h

house cleaning

We are happy to help you with the cleaning of your house!

from €18 / h

Apartment cleaning

We are happy to help you with the cleaning of your apartment!

from €18 / h

staircase cleaning

We take care of the staircase in your building!

from €22/ h

holiday apartments

We make the end cleaning or the welcoming of your guests in your rented holiday apartment!

from €18 / h

Deep cleaning

We are happy to help you with the deep cleaning of your home for example when you move houses or prepare for special occasion.

from €20 / h

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