The Christmas season is over and the festive spirit is no longer here. It is common that people feel a bit demotivated after the holidays and have a hard time getting back in a working mood.

The Christmas laughter, the fireworks of the new year’s eve, the family get-togethers, the festive dinners are all over and now we have to start our daily work routine again. For many people, motivation and inspiration are lacking at the beginning of January.

Here are some tips on how you can bring some inspiration to your home and get motivated in January.

  • Make deep cleaning of your house. A clean house is always helpful to clear your thoughts and boost your mood. During Christmas and New Years there is usually a lot of cooking and celebration and a deep clean after the holidays is usually a good idea, especially in your kitchen, dining and living room.

  • This is also a good time to remove the Christmas tree and decoration but you may still keep a bit of winter decoration in your house like pine cones, some pine branches and winter wreaths still fit the season in January.
  • Keep some fairy lights. Fairy lights are a nice all year round decoration. They can bring good mood in your bedroom or make a romantic dinner special. You can put them on the furniture, on the curtains, in a bowl, jar or vase. Be creative and let them create a cozy and inspiring atmosphere in your home.
  • Make a home to-do list. Structure is a good way to stay focused and motivated. You can make a home to-do list where you can plan what you want to do around the house. You can also plan ahead for the next months, make a list or mood board of decorations for valentine’s day, easter, spring, etc.
  • Change some of the colors in the house like for example the sofa blankets and pillows, the curtains, some of the carpets, bedsheets, etc. This can bring some inspiration and a fresh atmosphere to your home.
  • Put fresh flowers on the table. This is always a perfect way to refresh your home and make it feel cozier.