Have you wondered what is more efficient – to clean your whole home at once or to clean one room at a time?

Of course, the size of your home is also a factor here, but in general, for smaller to middle-sized apartments for example it could be faster, easier, and more efficient if you clean the whole place at once divided by tasks.

What does that mean?
It means you can choose the tasks you want to do and go to each room one after the other to finish that task. For example dust the surfaces in all rooms, vacuum all the floors, mop all the floors, instead of doing all the tasks in one room, and then start from the beginning in the next one. Starting from the beginning in every next room might be demotivating and even take you more time as opposed to cleaning your home as a whole.

For example, you can start by spraying the sinks in the kitchen and bathroom, then move to showers, bathtubs, toilets. After that is done you are left with dusting and wiping the surfaces, which are similar in all the rooms and you can do that at once everywhere. Vacuuming and mopping the floors is also universal for your whole home.

If you divide the tasks like that – doing similar tasks in all the rooms at once, instead of starting from the beginning one room at a time might be faster and more efficient especially if you live in a small to medium-sized apartment.
Of course, in the end, it comes down to your own personal preferences and what system you like best. And don’t forget that each home is unique and what applies to one might not apply to all. So try different ways and see what feels right. You don’t need to get stuck in the same routine.