It’s again this time of the year – the days are warmer, the trees are blossoming and the flowers are blooming. All of nature is awakening for the new season and so should your home.
Spring cleaning is the best way to start fresh, clean your home and clear your mind and prepare for new inspiration.
Here we give you some tips on what to focus on and not to miss for your spring cleaning.

First of all, make a to-do list.
Sit down and think of all the tasks you wish to finish for this year’s spring cleaning. Following a list is a sure way you will not miss an important step in the cleaning process. Make sure to include areas you haven’t cleaned in a while for example
behind furniture, behind the bathtub and washing machine, the filter of the air conditioning, the bathroom curtains, etc.

A spring cleaning should be thorough and focus on areas you usually miss. This is a great opportunity to move your furniture around and clean under the sofa, remove and wash carpets, sofa and bed throws, etc.

The carpet is a hotspot for bacteria and dirt and every spring cleaning should include washing or exchanging carpets.
Also wash the sofas, especially if you have pets. Make sure to put to laundry any blankets, pillowcases, and throws.

The curtains can also benefit a washing or a change. Make sure to wash the windows and window blinds as well.

Most people often clean the floors and surfaces in the house but miss to wipe down the walls where dust can also gather. You can add that task to your spring clean to-do list.

Apart from cleaning everything in the house you usually do you should also make sure to deep clean some areas that you don’t clean often such as the oven and the fridge in the kitchen.

Clean inside cupboards as well. Throw away expired food and spices. Wash the trash bins and the areas where they are.

You can also clean your vacuum cleaner as it gathers a lot of dust and dirt inside. You should change its filter regularly to keep it hygienic.

Disinfect the bathroom and toilet. These are areas that need regular cleaning as well as a deep clean at least once a month. Make sure to move the furniture around in your bathroom and also clean around the bathtub as this is a place that often gets overlooked.

In your bedroom make sure to clean under the bed, wash all bed sheets, cleaning the mattress is also a good idea.

When you are done with the spring cleaning to wrap it up you can put fresh flowers on the tables, air the house and spray some freshener in the air, sit down with a cup of your favorite beverage and enjoy your home ready for the new season.