Your holiday vacation is over and you are on your way home? We all know that feeling of still having the salt in your hair and sand on your feet while having to quickly adjust back to your work routine.
It can be overwhelming.

Here are some tips on how to transition easier from the holidays back to work and everyday life.

First, you can start planning and organizing your plans and schedule already on your way back home. That keeps you busy and gives you a head start.

Make a list with step by step tasks you need to do when you get back home. It is easier to get things done when you follow a clear plan. Also, that way you will not forget anything important.

Unpack your suitcase. It is not good to keep your clothes too long in your suitcase, especially if some of them are not washed. Make sure to unpack and put your dirty laundry in the washing machine the same day you come home.

Take a look in your fridge. Make a grocery shopping list and throw away anything that has expired.

Vacuum clean and wash the floor. If you have been away for a few days it is normal that some dust has settled on the floor and surfaces. 

Change the bed sheets. Going to bed in fresh bed sheets will make you feel cozier and at home.

Dust the furniture. Make sure you remove the dust regularly from the surfaces in your home. Make an easy habit to lightly sweep the tables and the rest of the furniture every second day.

Don’t forget to water the plants.

You can also light aromatic sticks to make you feel at home and relax after your trip. How about some candles as well?

Relax after unpacking and enjoy the feeling of being home. Check your holiday photos and take a good rest before your work day.